Powers of Attorney

In Moments Like These, Someone Needs To Step Up.

Starting With Your Estate Planning Attorney.

It’s an ordinary day in which you’re battling highway traffic during your commute.

Just then, WHAM! A semi-trailer comes out of nowhere to hit you.

The next several months leave you hospitalized and incapacitated.

Somebody needs to pay your mortgage.

Somebody needs to see to it that your health insurance is taken care of.

Somebody needs to file your taxes for you.

Somebody needs to choose between alternative treatment options.

That’s right. Life is still moving right along. Which means you need to have someone ready to step in for you and assume responsibilities on your behalf without going through a big, long, expensive court procedure to get a guardian named for you.

This situation calls for powers of attorney and Miles & Gurney can be a terrific resource for these simple but very powerful documents to protect your wishes in special circumstances.

For all of our clients, we provide powers of attorney for property in which someone makes decisions about your finances for you, including going to the bank, making transactions for you, dealing with investments and buying or selling property. We also provide powers of attorney for healthcare in which someone is making medical decisions for you. This latter power of attorney continues on for limited purposes even after you pass for such matters as organ donation and funeral arrangements.



“In estate planning, what’s the difference between a will and a power of attorney?

When we’re speaking of a will to our clients at Miles & Gurney, we’re referring to a document that essentially is only meaningful after you pass away whereas powers of attorney are generally only meaningful while you are still alive.

A will gives directions for disposing of your assets after you’ve passed and no longer need them, while a power of attorney for property gives directions for managing your assets while you’re still around and may still be depending on them.



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