Landlord-Tenant Disputes



Inevitably, as a landlord, there’s at least one tenant who poses a major problem, either by acting hostile, refusing to pay rent or causing damage. When the situation can’t be peacefully resolved, the time has come for eviction proceedings. However, there’s one big issue: There are many things at a tenant’s disposal to potentially delay the eviction process and squander your investment in the property.

That’s when turning to a firm with experience in landlord/tenant disputes and deep knowledge of the eviction process such as Miles & Gurney can make your days ahead a bit more reasonable thanks to a real plan of action.

We know that being a landlord in the city of Chicago also comes with a variety of residential ordinances to be familiar with – if not, you could be subjecting yourself to significant liability based on how you:

  • Collect security deposits
  • Provide essentials such as heat and hot water
  • Respond to situations involving lock-outs

With our understanding of all of the city of Chicago’s requirements on building codes and the types of violations that ensue, often helping you address the issue before it even comes to fruition.

If you do happen to be cited by the city for a housing and building code violation and have fines accruing daily, Miles & Gurney can appear in building code court to represent you, negotiating a solution that demonstrates you are taking reasonable steps to get the building up to code.  


There are certain responsibilities that every tenant should expect their landlord to fulfill. If you’re a tenant who suspects your landlord isn’t performing those tasks and breaching a contract, talk to Miles & Gurney first.

We help tenants with challenges related to:

  • Security Deposits
    If the landlord is giving you a hard time about receiving your security deposit back, Miles & Gurney excels in security deposit litigation in which you might be entitled to triple your security deposit plus your attorney fees.

  • Property Restrictions
    If you’re relocating, is the landlord giving you a hard time about finding a sublease tenant? What do the rules say about having pets if you're trying to move in and you have a pet?


No turning back? Want to get out? Let’s talk.

We frequently negotiate with landlords to reach a settlement or arrangement where tenants can ultimately get out of their lease if necessary and move on. So if you’re thinking about how you can potentially break your lease due to negligence on your landlord’s part, let Miles & Gurney evaluate the matter, educate you on your best options and take pride in representing you with outstanding service every step of the way.





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